Richard Hollingbery
Consultant in Ageing

I have a broad experience in the field of ageing which spans 30 years. I have worked at all levels ~ local, regional, national: across a range of activities ~ community services, residential care, housing, organisational management and development, policy making; and in all sectors ~ voluntary, statutory, government, private. 

I started with Age Concern at a local and then a national level where I gained a solid grounding in service delivery, development and organisational management and support.

As director of The Helen Hamlyn Foundation (HHF), I concentrated on developing and promoting the Elderly People’s Integrated Care System (EPICS). This involved partnerships of statutory authorities in three demonstration areas. Such was the robustness of the arrangements made that the schemes are still going some 10 years after the HHF completed its involvement.

I have been running my own consultancy, consultAGE, for ten years.

Formal Qualifications include the M.Sc. in Gerontology, Certificate in Social Services and Open University ‘Managing Voluntary and Non-profit Enterprises’.

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Richard Hollingbery 
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Richard Hollingbery,  1 Lower Wardown, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4NY

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